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Perfect Your Application


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This comprehensive package not only gives you access to five years of A&J expertise condensed into a single interactive e-book, but it comes complete with monthly updates to include the latest trends, tips and analysis, too. It also gives you one-on-one contact with your Admissions Advisor, who is guaranteed to have either Oxford or Harvard affiliation, and extensive A&J training, as well as in-depth feedback and tutoring to help you perfect your application.

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This package gives you five years of A&J expertise condensed into a single interactive e-book, providing a comprehensive A to Z guide on how to draft a complete application to a UK or US university. This e-book is also updated every month, to include the latest trends, analysis and tips.

On top of this unique guide, you will have 6 hours of one-on-one video consultation with your Admissions Advisor. Each of our advisors has either Oxford or Harvard affiliation and extensive A&J training, so they are perfectly equipped to help you perfect your application, even offering in-depth feedback on three of your admissions essays and tutoring on a subject of your choice.

  • Step-by-step UK or US admissions guide
  • 6 hours of video consultation with your personal Admissions Advisor
  • In-depth feedback on three of your admissions essays
  • One hour of expert tutoring on a subject of your choice
  • 10% discount if you upgrade to a retainer model at a later date

Want more? If you decide you love us and realise you would like a more comprehensive package at a later date, we will give you 10% off any retainer package you choose to upgrade to so you won’t be out of pocket.

There is a lot of information out there on the internet, but who do you trust: The university website; a current student’s YouTube vlog; or advice from your school teacher?

Our e-guide puts an end to all of your questions. The Allen & Jain team has spent over a year completing it and we update it on a monthly basis. It covers everything from how to register for your exams and how to apply, through to what  you need to put on the application form, how to write that all-important essay  - or 50 of them if you are applying to a dozen US universities - and what to say during your interview.

Whether you choose our UK e-guide or our US e-guide, it provides all the information you need, explained in an easy-to-understand way. No fluff. No waffle. Just the information you need to complete each step.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What will this package help me with?

Our top package is designed to give you all the tools you need to get into your dream university. Our expert, professional Admissions Advisors will do all they can to support your application, provide feedback on three of your admissions essays, and give an hour of tailored tuition on a subject of your choosing.

Why choose Allen & Jain?

Having been through it all before, we know just how stressful the admissions process can be – especially when you’ve got your heart set on attending a particular university. Access expert guidance and provide yourself with the best possible chance of success with our top education concierge service, tailored directly to your individual needs and requirements.

How much will this increase my chances of getting into university?

Our clients applying to Oxbridge universities typically enjoy an application success rate of up to 76%. Similarly, those applying to Ivy League universities characteristically enjoy up to an 82% success rate.

What alternative packages are available?

In addition to this £1,395 package, we also offer two other packages, priced at £345 and £695 respectively. However, the £1,395 package is our top service and will provide you with the best possible chances of success.


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