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Ace your interview at Oxford or Cambridge with our comprehensive interview preparation service

Getting an interview at Oxford or Cambridge is a fantastic achievement, but that doesn’t make the interview itself any more daunting. This interview is an opportunity for you to demonstrate your “intellectual capacity” and present yourself as a standout candidate with a desire to learn and an ability to think on your feet. 

One of the best ways to alleviate stress and bolster your confidence going into the interview is to prepare thoroughly. It’s difficult to predict exactly what you’re going to be asked, but there are a few useful ways in which you can prepare for the interview process. 

These are: 

  • Mock interviews with an experienced mentor
  • Strategic research into subjects, articles, or essays mentioned in your personal statement
  • Step-by-step walkthroughs of dealing with past interview questions.

This is where our experts at A&J Education can help. Here are some of the Oxbridge interview tutoring services we offer to prospective Oxbridge candidates looking to ace their university interview. 

Practice Interviews 

Our expert mentors are well versed in helping you to develop a unique interview style that is tailored to your personality. Developing this style allows you to show the best of your academic abilities to the interviewers while remaining authentic.

You must be able to talk confidently and fluently about your own background, range of experiences and views, while also being able to listen and respond to stimuli, adapting as necessary. 

We’ll help you to hone this ability over several practice sessions, allowing you to head off to your interview with a sense of self-belief and a steely composure. 

Oxbridge Interview Tutoring: Developing a Research Strategy

It is critical that you ensure that you are familiar with all of the texts you cited in your personal statement. 

Our specialist interview tutors will recommend background reading based on your overall academic profile to supplement these core texts. Familiarising yourself with these materials will give you a wide variety of sources upon which to draw from in the interview itself. 

It is very likely that part of your interview will be based on some aspect of your personal statement, as interviewers will want to give you an opportunity to talk about your personal and current academic interests.

Our mentors at A&J Education will sit down with you and go through your personal statement in real detail, approaching it from every possible angle to ensure that you’re well placed to answer any question that might come your way. 

Oxbridge Interview Tutoring: Past Interview Questions

Our Oxbridge interview tutoring team also has subject-specific resources that include: 

  • Past interview questions
  • Past problem sheets. 

We will go through these questions or problems with you, guiding you in how to express your thought process out loud under pressure.

We’ll also help you to express yourself in a way that demonstrates your ability to think logically and coherently when faced with a challenging new idea.  

This interview style mimics how you will be expected to behave in tutorials if you do gain a place at Oxford or Cambridge. Interviewers are looking for students who will thrive in their “teaching system.”

This means being prepared to critically analyse your own and others’ points of view, changing your mind as and when it is appropriate given new evidence. Although rigidly sticking to your position will do you no favours, it is also important that you are able to defend your opinion where necessary.

Final Summary 

You can boost your self-confidence and relieve stress by preparing strategically and effectively for your Oxbridge interview. The more effective your preparation, the better your chances of success in the interview. 

If you want to get in touch with our experts at A&J Education to find out more, call us to book a free consultation.

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