Here at A&J, we know that university applications can be stressful and finnicky. Given that there is a lot riding on these applications, we understand that families might need help getting their child over the line. Our Last-Minute Package was built from the ground up with this in mind. It is ideal for students who are applying 4 weeks before their application is due and want intensive help. The package can provide a great last-minute boost to an application, especially since there is more that can be done that students might have not thought about…

This package last for four weeks and provides students with the same excellent support that our other packages offer, but over a shorter time span. This includes:

  • 1-on-1 work with our world-class Mentors
  • Extensive personal statement building
  • Robust last minute CV Building
  • Alumni interview prep for US applicants
  • Review of university choice and course strategy

This package is also perfect for students who have gotten an unexpected bump or decline in their predicted grades and want to change their course choices to reflect this.

Our Mentoring and Tutoring team are simply world-class. Combined, they have centuries of experience and have great academic backgrounds, graduating with degrees, masters and PHDs from places such as Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, and Yale. We also work with amazing admissions officers who were key decision-makers in places such as Stanford. With years of experience and insider knowledge, this team is truly unmatched when it comes to increasing your child’s chances of getting into amazing universities.

Our Process

We know that university applications can be very complex for families to wrap their heads’ around. Getting into university is also more competitive than ever. That’s why we make our process as smooth as possible. We pair each student with a Mentor that has had personal experience in the field. Here is a deep dive into how this package works.

Personal Statement Building: The Mentor will work rapidly with the student to develop or proofread a personal statement or US Application Essays. The student will have multiple meetings with the Mentor, who will provide extensive feedback on drafts of the statements/essays. If the student incorporates the feedback over the course of the 4 weeks, their statement will stand out from the crowd. The student will tend to write around 5-6 drafts over this time period. Our blind review system means that other Mentors will review the statement after it is finished, to ensure the best quality results.

CV Building: Some students have pivoted subjects last minute. Others have not done a lot of extra-curricular activities. Either way, they need to bolster their CV. Their Mentor will find or create activities for the student to do in short periods of time, ensuring the student has a more robust profile. Previous activities have included short courses  and setting up societies.

Interview Prep: Some universities require students to partake in interviews. Our Mentors are all equipped to help a student perform well. This is done through a series of mock interviews, with immediate, specific feedback provided to the students over the course of the four weeks.

Review of Course/University Choices: Our Mentors know what universities want like the back of their hand. As part of this package, our Mentors will review the course and university choices that the student has made. If changes can be made to increase the student’s chances, we will find them. Of course, nothing will change unless the student agrees to it.

Throughout the whole process, we employ a thoroughly communicative strategy. Everyone is kept in the loop using a piece of software called Basecamp, which allows parents to see schedules, due dates, documents and meetings, so you can put your mind at ease.

 Don’t just take our word for it

As with all packages A&J offer, we are confident in our ability to help your child achieve more. We also know parents want to have a risk-free investment. So, we offer a guarantee to all students who take up one of our packages:

If your child completes all of our exercises and you are not happy with our work: we will give you a full refund. If we don’t deliver, you get your money back.


Submit an enquiry by using our info pack. After this, we will reach out to you for an initial consultation to see what work we can do together. Please note that our packages are in high demand and require students to put in a lot of work. In order to be accepted onto one of our programmes, we require students to complete an assessment. This consists of a short essay related to the student’s subject and an interview to find out their goals. If everyone is happy, we will kickstart the process within a week, matching our students with the perfect Mentor.

Of course, if the student wants to switch Mentors, we also allow that. Student discretion is absolutely key, especially when it comes to making crucial choices about their