How To Get Into MIT?

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is one of the top research universities in the world, specialising in teaching and researching the physical and natural sciences and engineering. If you are interested in studying for an undergraduate degree with a scientific focus, or conducting world leading research in such disciplines, MIT is one of the top destinations in the world. As a result, competition for places is very competitive and successful admission is a result of hard work and years of preparation. Do you have what it takes?

  • 1) Work on Super-Curriculars
  • 2) Sit the SAT exams
  • 3) Create a CommonApp profile
  • 4) Submit the app by 1st November
  • 5) Continue to provide updates

1) Work on Super-Curriculars

MIT has over 20 applicants per place. You therefore need to impress admissions officers with world-class and relevant Super-Curricular activities to stand out. Past successful clients of ours have published their own academic work, won awards at International Mathematics Olympiads, interned at world leading research groups and represented their countries in International Debating Championships. While this sounds incredibly difficult to achieve, with due time and preparation it is entirely possible.

2) Sit the SAT exams

MIT requires everyone to have completed the SAT Reasoning exam (or the ACT as an alternative). It also requires each candidate to complete SAT Subject Tests. The tests are not a walk in the park and advance preparation is recommend. Successful applicants will have achieved scores which put them in the top percentile of test takers, over 750 for the SAT and over 33 for the ACT. If you start two years before applying you give yourself the best chance of success. A good free online tool is Khan Academy where anyone can practice the SAT for free.

3) Create a CommonApp profile

Every application to MIT is done via a portal known as the CommonApp. You can reach it here. The portal requires you to provide detailed background information such as your name, age, and school details. You will also need to produce a number of admission essays. Some applicants have to write as many as 60 essays for the total number of universities they apply to so it helps to start early. The essay questions are released on 1st August of the application year.

4) Submit the App by 1st November

MIT has 2 application deadlines: Early Action (1st November) and Regular Action (1st January). While MIT insists there is an equal chance of being accepted regardless of the application round, hard data shows that applicants have a significant advantage applying in the Early Action round. We therefore recommend that you apply by 1st November to ensure that your application gets the best possible chance of being successful.

5) Continue to provide updates

Once you have submitted your application, it is imperative that you continue to provide the Admissions Office with regular substantial updates regarding your progression as a candidate. Most candidates will not receive a decision until late March so it is important to prove that you are a candidate who continues to push themselves well beyond the day of application submission. Showing that you have continued to produce quality academic work or seen new developments in your research project may be the difference between success and failure

How to apply to MIT – A Summary:

1) Start early. You need to have a world-class Super-Curricular profile and this just takes time. We recommend starting at least 2 years before submitting an application by 1st November of your last year of school.

2) Register and complete the SAT Reasoning and SAT Subject Tests. If you are applying from a country where English is not an official language, you may also have to sit TOEFL – the English language exam. Both SAT exams are not straightforward and take time to master.

3) Register and complete the CommonApp. This is a centralised portal through which you can apply to all of your US university choices, including the MIT. Common requires you to complete a number of essays and it is best to start early. Essay questions are released each year on the 1st of August.

4) Once you have applied, be sure to continue communicating with the Admissions’ Office and to provide them with regular updates.

Phil, a former student at MIT, says: “MIT was a lot of hard work but I loved every second of it. I met the smartest people from around the US and the world and have definitely become a better person. If you love tech, definitely apply here!”

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