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Fewer than 26% of Cambridge applicants receive an offer. Most Ivy League universities have an acceptance rate of below 10% and Harvard’s success rate is just 5%.


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We are a London based education consultancy who have helped families around the world to achieve their goals in education. Whether that’s increasing their chance of attending the best university they are capable of, helping to identify the perfect course and college to apply to, or working with a young person to improve their confidence and resilience, we support students and help them achieve their goals.

Working closely with every family, we help students to achieve more than they initially expect. We would love to have a conversation to see if we might be a good fit for you.

University Placement in The UK or Overseas

The university application process can be confusing, and competition for courses is high. It is important that you carefully plan your strategy in advance in order to give yourself the best chance of success. That’s where our university admissions consultancy can help.

If you are applying to a top ten university in any country, it’s likely that there will be a lot of competition. In most instances, the higher the university ranks in the league tables, the more competitive it is to get in. If you are applying to an Ivy League university or Oxbridge, the level of competition can reach as many as 25 applicants per place.

Our university Admissions Advisors can work with you for a few weeks or several years to ensure that you are doing the correct things to increase your chances of success.

Oxbridge Applications

We specialise in perfecting students’ applications to the world’s most prestigious universities, as such we have a lot of experience with Oxbridge applications. Our team knows the Oxbridge application process thoroughly and we know exactly what Oxbridge admissions officers are looking for in applicants.

We will work with you to craft an application that will give you the best chance of acceptance into your chosen Oxbridge college. Focussing not only on academic success, but creating a rounded application that demonstrates academic achievement, confidence, resilience, and all-round suitability to your chosen subject.

Ivy League Applications

Applying to the Ivy League universities can be a complex process, particularly as an overseas applicant. We have supported many students through the application journey, and know how to improve your chances of getting accepted onto your chosen university.

From identifying the best college for your application list, to crafting outstanding application essays and giving you support with the paperwork and logistics of studying in the USA, our team helps to eliminate common errors and reduce stress at every stage of the process.

School Placements

If you haven’t yet chosen a specific school for your child, our team will work with you and your child to help identify the best schools to fit their goals, personality, and future ambitions.

It is vital to find the right school for each child. Our work starts with a meeting or a telephone conversation where we will start getting to know you and your son or daughter. We then identify their needs, interests, and strengths. Once we have a full picture, we will be in a position to create a shortlist of potential schools and guide you through the steps ahead.

Once we have created a shortlist of schools, we will help you select the schools that are best placed to help your child fulfil their potential. We aim to ensure that you will receive more than one offer from schools, so that the final decision is always yours.

We support you through preparing for entrance exams and interviews – our experience with school admissions means we are best placed to guide you and your child through every stage of the process. We also, where possible, leverage personal contacts to make a direct introduction with the school of interest. This helps both the school and the parents to identify if there is a fit. Overall, our goal is to create a stress-free experience which results in your child attending the ideal school to aid their development.