University Application

Picking A-Level Subjects

One of the biggest decisions that a student must make in their early academic career is what subjects they will choose to specialise in when it comes to their A-Level exams. Up to this point, plenty of people have had most subject choices dictated to them by the school. However, what A-Level subjects you choose […]

What are the Best A-Level Subject Combinations?

There’s no doubt that certain A-Level subjects work better together than others, not only from a learning perspective but also from a university and future career viewpoint too. When selecting your A-Level subjects, you should always use your desired university course or career path as a basis for your initial choices. The problem comes after […]

How to Reduce Stress Around University Interviews

It’s that time of the year again. Final-year secondary school students are beginning to hear back from universities in the UK and abroad, and admissions stress is beginning to kick in. Even more stressful than waiting to find out whether your top choice has accepted you, is knowing that you might have to clear one […]

IB or A-Levels: Which Is Best For Entrance Into Top Universities?

The debate regarding whether it is better to study A-Levels or the IB (International Baccalaureate) has been ongoing for some time. (You can learn more about the IB in our podcast here.  The truth is, both programmes have their advantages and disadvantages. IB, for example, is an all-rounder programme that pushes the student to be […]