Studying in the UK

The Top 10 UK Universities

At the time of writing this blog, it is June and traditionally at this time of year in the admissions cycle, this means that things are beginning to ramp up. It is likely that you are preparing to take mock exams in school in a matter of weeks, the results of which will be used […]

How To Apply To A UK University? Step-by-Step Guide

If you want to apply to any university in the UK for an undergraduate course, you need to do so through a centralised application system called Universities and Colleges Admissions Service or UCAS. The deadline for all courses at Oxford and Cambridge is 15th October. If you are applying for a Medicine, Veterinary or Dentistry […]

Evaluating the Top UK University Acceptance Rates

When the time comes to start planning your higher education journey, you may be wondering what targets and goals you need to achieve to have the best chance of acceptance into your preferred university. However, some universities are much harder to get into than others, especially considering the long, rich educational history of the United […]

Choosing to Attend a Non-Oxbridge University

Choosing a university can be quite a personal decision for a student and shouldn’t be influenced by the choices their friends or parents make. Instead, students should consider their preferred area of study, any location they’d like to live in, their predicted grades and any confirmed grades they currently hold. These factors can be extremely […]