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Being accepted into the world’s most prestigious universities is difficult; it takes a lot of hard work and dedication and even then, success rates are low. Too many gifted young people don’t get into the best university they are capable of entering purely because they don’t know the tricks that increase their chances of acceptance.

The world's most prestigious universities reject hundreds of students every year - not because they’re not bright enough or talented enough - but because their application didn’t sell them well enough. They either didn’t have enough to make them stand out, or their application wasn’t optimised for what their desired universities want to see.

We increase your chances of getting into prestigious universities and this is how we do it.

Step One – Achieve Outstanding Grades

A plusAs we just established, gaining acceptance into prestigious universities is about much more than simply getting outstanding results in exams. Your full profile, experience and application itself all play a significant role. However, without impressive test results, you’re not even putting yourself into a position where the university enrolment board will review the rest of your application.

Simply put; your academic achievements get you noticed, the rest gets you accepted. Which is why we like to begin with academic tutoring.

You’re not going to get into a prestigious university without getting outstanding exam results, and you’re not getting outstanding exam results without the following:

  • Deep knowledge of the syllabus
  • An understanding of the topics that are likely to be tested in this year’s examinations
  • An awareness of how to succeed in exams

Our team of specialised tutors are experts in A Level, IB and GCSE exams. They are fully aware of the core syllabus for each subject and use their experience and knowledge to gain a good understanding of which topics are likely to come up in the exams of their specialist subjects.

Finally, and perhaps most crucially, our tutors know how to sit exams. There is a knack to getting the highest marks on exams. It’s not just about possessing the most knowledge, you need to be able to understand exactly what the exam board is looking for in a question and structure your answer accordingly. This is a trick that comes with experience, and it’s something our tutors work on with students to ensure that they know exactly how to structure exam answers.

Step Two: Gain Relevant Work Experience

Work experience isn’t only useful for getting your first job – it also impresses prestigious universities.

When you are applying for a top university, you are up against some of the most talented and gifted people of your year, many of whom will have gained outstanding grades. If you want to move to the next phase of the application process, you need more than the competition.

Prestigious universities aren’t just looking for applicants which are outstanding academically, they are looking for life skills such as resilience, dedication and adaptability. Your application letter can tell them that you possess these characteristics, however, it's far more powerful if you can demonstrate this. One way of demonstrating your desire to work hard and succeed is through gaining relevant work experience.

We set our clients up with relevant and impressive internship opportunities to boost their application.

Step Three – Stand Out from the Crowd

Gaining work experience is a successful way of improving your application and increasing your chances of getting into a prestigious university, it’s not the only way to stand out from the crowd.

We offer profile building as a service, which involves three strategies to make your overall profile stand out from the crowd:

  1. Excellence in one field is a fantastic indicator of excellence in another. The dedication and work ethic required to master a skill is transferable. Prestigious universities look for this to identify applicants who know what it takes to succeed. We work with students to identify their skills and gain relevant qualifications to prove their excellence in that skill set.
  2. It’s not all about work and attainment. Sure, that’s a significant part of what universities are looking for, but when it comes down to your application being accepted over another, there are numerous ways you can stand out. We help students gain experiences that will help them make an impact, whether that’s trekking through the Himalayas, diving in the Great Barrier Reef, or volunteering with a homelessness charity. We identify the extracurricular activities that are achievable and will impress prestigious university. These additional activities vary for each student and course, fortunately, our team know what opportunities are worth pursuing or each student.
  3. We have an impressive network of contacts at the world's most prestigious universities; one strategy we find to be very effective is arranging for a student to take part in a research project alongside a lecturer at the university they wish to attend. This can really make their application stand out.

Increasingly, top universities seek candidates who are what we describe as "world-level". Someone who has built a hospital for a village in Africa, has a series of poems published in a book, hosts a regular radio show on education, achieves 1600 on the SAT and a set of three 800s on the SAT subject tests - this is "world-level".

This step in our process is one of the most vital. Alone, this process can increase Oxbridge success rates from 19% - 76% and Ivy League success rates from 10% to 82%. We spend weeks meticulously planning and preparing a strategy before working with students to execute it. The whole process often takes between six and 24 months, depending on the maturity of a student’s profile before working with us and the competitiveness of the course they wish to get into.

Step Four – Excel At Your Entrance Exams

Entrance Exam

In many ways, the entire process up until now has been about passing the necessary requirements and building an impressive enough profile to be able to sit the university entrance exams. Up until now, everything has been about ensuring that your application is noticed and taken seriously, though the entrance exam and interview is where you are accepted or not.

Many of the world’s most prestigious universities require applicants to sit and pass their own entrance exams. Some are quite broad, others are incredibly specific. Our team of tutors are experts in preparing for both niche and broad specialised exams such as SAT, SAT Subject Tests, TSA, ACT, BMAT, PAT, HAT, GMAT and GRE.

We tutor students online via a video connection, or if possible, through in-person tutoring. Tutoring towards university admission is very different to tutoring for A Level or IB exams, but our team are experienced and perhaps most importantly, they have all been through the same application process themselves.

CTA = Academic Tutoring

Step Five – Impress at the Interview

Most courses at prestigious universities require you to attend an interview. A large part of being successful here is simply being yourself, or at least, being able to express yourself adequately within the constraints of your interview.

To increase your chances of success at a university interview you need to be over-prepared. You need to know what to expect, you need an understanding of the course and its requirements, you need to show that you understand the culture of the university and can succinctly demonstrate how and why you would be a fit. You need to be prepared to answer questions on your application and personal statement, so it's worth learning both. Finally, you need to possess an in-depth knowledge of your subject field.

Our consultants help students prepare for the above and help them prepare questions that they can ask at interview – there is little less impressive than being asked if you have any questions and replying with a pointless ‘nothing’ question, or worse, not having any questions at all.

Increase Your Chances of Acceptance by 70%

Being accepted into a prestigious university is a tough ask; fortunately, our team of consultants and tutors know exactly what’s required and some additional tricks to increase your chances of acceptance by 70% or more.

On average, our education consultancy service more than triples your chance of acceptance into your first-choice university. Here’s why:

  • Our tutors are graduates of prestigious universities
  • Our consultants are always working to maintain an awareness of exactly what prestigious universities are looking for in their applicants
  • We offer complete 24/7 support throughout the entire process

Our process can be condensed into three simple steps:

1) Academic Tutoring; you won’t even be considered by prestigious universities if you don’t have the right grades, we offer a tutoring service that helps you exceed the university requirements

2) Building a Profile; often academic excellence alone isn’t enough, which is why we work with students to build their holistic profile. Ranging from helping applicants demonstrate excellence in an extracurricular activity or find corporate internships, through to utilising our extensive network and setting them up on an academic project with a lecturer at the university they hope to attend

3) University Entrance Exam Tutoring; outstanding A Level or IB results aren't always enough, we coach our clients to succeed at university specific entrance exams

The process itself, however, is far from simple, which is why our education consultancy service is so successful at helping students get into prestigious universities when they might not have done.

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