A&J School

At A&J Education, we believe that secondary school students deserve the highest quality teaching to support them in their journey towards wider academic success.

We also understand that young people need to develop self-belief, creative capacity, and emotional resilience through a holistic learning method that champions the growth of the well-rounded individual.

That’s why we’ve set up A&J School, an online school where any pupil can study towards internationally-recognised qualifications regardless of location. Our teachers work with students one-on-one. We offer the following qualifications:

  1. The A-Levels
  2. International Baccalaureate (the IB)
  3. GCSEs and IGCSEs
  4. Advanced Placement (APs)
  5. The American High School Diploma

A&J School: High-Quality Teaching of Accredited Qualifications

We offer top-quality accredited teaching to students all around the world, whether you’re thinking about homeschooling your son/daughter or you live in a country where these internationally-recognised exam qualifications aren’t offered.

If your son/daughter will be looking to apply to Russell Group, Ivy League or any other prestigious UK and US university, it’s likely that they will need to take A-Levels, the International Baccalaureate or another internationally-recognised qualification in their final two years of secondary education.

Invaluable Guidance on the University Admissions Process

Our online school allows us to work with students in these crucial years before university to help them flourish and give them the best opportunity to achieve their long-term potential and get into the university of their dreams.

When it comes to university admissions, all of our A&J School students are guided by our A&J Education Mentors: we help the student pick the best degree and college for them, and support them as they build the profile and bolster their personal application.

A&J School: Championing a Holistic Teaching Method 

Not only do our excellent mentors guide talented young people towards successful academic results, but they also focus on strengthening individuals’ self-confidence, bolstering their emotional intelligence, and enhancing their critical thinking skills.

Young people need self-belief, capacity, and emotional resilience. We champion a holistic approach to their education to help them grow these vital character traits.

We also offer extensive resources for students experiencing learning difficulties or with special learning needs, whether that’s ADHD, dyslexia, ADD, or autism.

Applying to the A&J School

If the A&J School sounds like something you would like to enrol in, request an application form at [email protected]

After filling in the form, the applicant will take part in a three-part selection process that includes the following elements:

  1. A written essay
  2. A maths or science-based test
  3. An academic interview with one of our teachers.

Once the student completed the admissions process, and if we feel we can help the student achieve their goals, we’ll get started on the best curriculum for them, helping them to fulfil their academic potential and grow into a successful and confident young adult.

Find Out More 

Get in touch with us at [email protected] to find out more information about A&J School, or visit our website to book an introductory call.

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